Earn to Die 2 Exodus


  • UP arrow key to accelerate
  • LEFT arrow key to tilt left
  • RIGHT arrow key to tilt right
  • “X” key to use Nitro

Earn to die 2 is a 2D driving game that pursues speed. Here you can have all kinds of vehicles, and then drive them through the zombie-filled doomsday world, from this large group of zombies on the border of Deus ex. If you like such exciting driving games, then Earn to die 2 is the best choice you can’t miss.

The game content of Earn to die 2

It is a competition with life. You must break through the encirclement surrounded by zombies.  In Earn to die 2, the direction is moving by the direction key, the letter X key is used to increase the speed, and the left mouse button can be clicking to upgrade. The operation is so simple, easy to use, rich in plot, and realistic to the game screen, will let you have good game experience.

The game features of Earn to die 2

Earn to die 2 is more productive and more logical than previous works. The choice of driving vehicles is higher, and the upgrade space also increases with your strength. It can even make your cars become zombie killing machines to improve combat effectiveness. Furthermore, a plurality of checkpoint scenes are set; If your vehicle is damaged while driving, it may put your life on the line. But later on, fortunately, it can recover.

When you face a crisis, you will find how lucky you are to survive.  While Earn to die 2 is an escape game. You will drive your vehicle in the desert to get rid of the zombies chasing behind. You will try to get rid of them, even attack the zombies with your car as the last weapon, and you will also try to leave the desert to survive.  However, the forest is a kind of terror-oriented survival game. It would be best if you sustained in the strange and dangerous jungle before you can succeed in the game. Using spotlights can help you better hunt for prey, let us hunt together.

If you want to have a little single-player game to relax, then you might as well choose soccer physics, an online soccer game. You only need to avoid your opponent and successfully kick the ball to the designated position with the help of your teammates, and then you will win the game.  Or choose solitaire, bring some intelligence in your leisure time, and arrange the cards according to its established rules to complete the game task and win the game.  Or, let’s play a classic snake game to control the snake’s moving direction so that it doesn’t bump into obstacles. You can grow up and even become a monster by swallowing food.